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Well let me be the 1st to say CONGRATULATIONS on your win. I am so thrilled that you have gotten to this point. Nothing is more rewarding then to know that just a little bit of your time has produced an opportunity to receive a prize.

  • You may have received  a package in the mail (this is many times true of lower value contest wins.)
  • Or you may have been notified by email, mail, phone call or possibly registered mail; here are a few tips to making this a great experience.

Make sure that the sweepstakes or contest you have been notified about is one that you actually entered. I know it sounds strange but there are some unscrupulous people out there so it is best to be careful.

Once you have confirmed that you have entered the sweepstakes or contest in question it’s time to read over any documentation that may have been provided. Liked I stated before larger sweepstakes wins will require you to fill out an affidavit or a proof of eligibility. These are just formalities to help the sponsor fulfill it’s obligation to the law and provide the IRS proof of who the prize was given too.

Keep in mind that the once you accept your prize you are responsible for any and all taxes associated with the prize.

Make sure that if you are given paperwork to fill out before receiving your prize you do so in a timely fashion. Many times these forms have a window of time in which the forms must be received or you may forfeit the prize.

If you are unsure or do not feel comfortable providing the information asked for in the forms you should consult with your tax preparer, bank manager, notary or even a lawyer if you have one available to you.

Once you have sent the information back to the contest Sponsor it’s now time to do a little waiting. Normally the prize will be delivered by one of the Express mailing vendors and it may or may not require a signature.

Again congratulations on your win and remember  YOU MADE YOUR OWN LUCK!

Enjoy it!!


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