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Best Way To Get Started

Here you will find some helpful hints on how to get started entering sweepstakes.

  • One of the very 1st things you should consider doing when entering online sweepstakes is dedicate a new email address for sweepstakes. Do not use this email address for anything other then entering sweepstakes.
  • Set up Google Alerts, it automatically notifies you when new content hits the internet and emails you the information. Set it up to send you information if your name is published on the internet. You might want to include these variations as well.

Let’s say your name is John Doe and your from Austin, Texas then you may want to set up Google Alerts to send you an email when these variations show up on the internet.

J. Doe  Austin TX

John D. Austin TX

John Doe TX

I’m sure you get the picture. This is very helpful because some contest will not contact you to tell you about your win. They will rely on you to return to the site and look for your name. You would then find information on how to claim your prize.


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